Valerie Ridout

Leading Speech & Language Therapist

Valerie Savage is one of UK's leading experts on speech, language and communication disorders in both children and adults. Her practice in London's medical heartland works closely with colleagues from every branch of medicine to provide the most trusted and effective service available anywhere.

Valerie's chief focus is accurate diagnosis and ongoing management in children, from a simple delay to complex language disorders including dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, auditory perceptual disorders and hearing impairment. She is also a highly respected voice consultant skilled at helping people for whom English is a second language. Her international practice has grown over three decades, giving her a unique insight into communication delay and disorder in bi-lingualism and cross-culturalism.


  • Pinero House
  • 115A Harley Street
  • London W1G 6AR
  • Tel: +44 207 486 0503
  • Fax: +44 207 034 4490
  • Available for both diagnostic assessments and ongoing management for children with speech and language difficulties